Versace for H&M

This Wednesday I was invited by Vogue to attend the invitations-only Versace for H&M collection launch in Paris. Thank you Vogue, I loved the evening!!!!!!

Famous bloggers, anonymous Vogue readers and several fashionistas indulged on champagne (Veuve Clicquot), dance music (by the Misshapes!!!) and flamboyant fashion. Serious, the music was so good that I danced alone in the dressing room like a crazy lady!

And about the fashion… It is official : the 90’s are back! Neon colors, Miami prints, colorful leopard, leather and studs!!!!!! Saw Elisa picking up a crocodile-print men’s shirt, so watch out! The men’s leopard jacket with the Miami print that Kayne West wore in the Victoria’s secret show was also a big success.

I picked up a black dress, very 90’s style, but simple and discreet (at least comparing with the other stuff).

The pink hearts dress was also lovely! With swinging fringes!!!!

However, my favorite dress is the studded leather one, that Anna dell Russo already wore… GORGEOUS!!!

I don’t know if I’ll regret not buying. At the time, I thought it was expensive, 250 euros, but now I think it’s really worth it. What do you think?

Also about the 90’s, the supermodels are back in the new Duran Duran video!!!


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